Hi! Since it's almost time for the World Cup, could you make a masterpost on sites for pics, team news and updates, videos, matches, etc? It would really be very helpful!

yahoo images


World Cup psds (red) by Quintero-s

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hey, can you do brazil nt and spain nt psd?

done :)

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       PSD by footballresources

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Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at making a psd for download. I hope you like it, if you use it please like the post.
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[smart sharpening used: amount 200, radius 0.3, reduce noise 10, remove gaussian blur]

hello! do you know any website that provides good pictures that can be used as a base? like celebrations, or just pics from matches in general. thanks!

i’d suggest yahoo and then just search for the match or team you want :)

this blog is utter perfection. just. thank you.

Aw,we glad to hear it!

Thank you very much<3

Barcelona psd please

done :)

Galatasaray PSD

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